WAR AND SILENT WAR By Ned Soseman - an update of our Solider Story

Imagine you’re 41 years old, driving along I-44 when your cell phone rings. The caller is your family doctor who says you have been diagnosed with cancer and have only one to three months to live. Shock, despair, anger, frustration, hopelessness; you’re instantly overwhelmed with the worst.

What do you do when the next call is from hospice? If you are Staff Sergeant Daniel Barber of Missouri National Guard D Company 1-106th AVN, you hang up on hospice and give all you’ve got to begin strategizing to win a silent war against Stage 4 liver cancer.

All the motivation and focus Staff Sergeant Barber needed was his doctor telling him “You’re going to die, don’t get your hopes

PRRT at Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (aka Holland), 2013


You and your oncologist have determined that PRRT (Lutetium 177) treatments are the best option for your neuroendocrine cancer at this time, at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Your doctor has provided the nuclear physicians at Erasmus with your pertinent medical records, scans, and test results and you’ve been approved for treatments. You’ll provide two 24 hour urine specimens, and be tested for MRSA, and you’ll receive a tentative date for the first treatment (of four). You’ll receive a confirmation email from one of the doctors at Erasmus once all test results have been reviewed, and are determined to be within treatment parameters.

When the Erasmus