Dr. Baum and his team will want to receive the most current case information about the patient to include the most current doctors reports, reports from tests and scans and actual scan images from current CT, MRI, Octreotide scans or PSMA-Gallium-68 scans that should exist on CD or DVDs.

Depending upon a patient's case history, some historical records could be needed as well. Dr. Baum normally will advise the patient or the patient's physician as to the specific information needed. It will greatly facilitate the evaluation if the patient has all records in a digital format for easy and speedy sharing of the information. Please request a Patient information form from Dr. Baum's office. 

This information should be sent to Dr. Baum's office. Please see contact information.

CT scan (no older than 3 months)
Indium-octreotide scan (Octreoscan, no older than 6 months).

Please send original scans or a CD. Only a written report will not suffice.

Please confirm which test are not for your specific case

Blood tests (for more a detailed information on NET Bloodwork see ISI website)

CgA Sodium Phosphate
Potassium Calcium Abumin
Urea Creatinine Alkaline Phosphatase
Bilirubin Total Protien Hemoglobin
Hemoatocrit MCV Leukocytes

Urine test: 2 collections over 24 hours

Creatinine Clearence  & 5HIAA