Journey in Pictures

The content in this section tells the story of the journey to Bad Berka and getting treatment at the Zentralklinik through photos and video. We have combined our experiences with those of other patients and clinic staff to provide the viewer with the visual side of key aspects of this journey made by patients, family and caregivers. Please let us know if you have suggestions for new content or area for improvement.

This is a photo guide of what to look for when you take the train from the Frankfurt airport to Erfurt and Weimar on your way to Bad Berka.

Please note that as of sometime in 2015 or 2016, there is no longer a non-stop train to Weimar. Instead you must go to Erfurt and then transfer to a smaller regional train that goes to Weimar. 


FF-hbf-sign1RevWhen you get off the plane at Frankfurt and you have cleared Passport Control, start looking for the direction signs to the train station that is

Klink 2009The picture above is a photo Zentralklinik in Bad Berka. You can see that it is a large 500+ bed complex, but fortunately those seeking PRLT there will only have to be concerned with the main building and a few of the nearby buildings. Most of the buildings are connected by sheltered walkways.



Below is the main entrance.


When you enter the front entrance to the medical center you will be in the central lobby – a large atrium style space that is quite elegant.

Eingangshalle 2


BadBerkaStreetRevThe town of Bad Berka is small as towns go. According to Wikipedia it has about 8,000 residents. It takes about 15 minutes or less to walk the main street of the town from end to end – and that is walking slowly. If you stop at the Ice Cream shop it will take a little longer!

From the perspective of the patient waiting to go for treatment or waiting to return home, the town offers a few things to do.

There are a few restaurants, mentioned in another section on this site (click here) as well

ZentralKSolarium2RevThe Zentralklinik is a large 500+ bed medical center complex. It has well maintained grounds and some unusual buildings. One building is located across the way from the Nuclear Medicine Ward and can be seen from some of the windows in the ward. This particular building has a large area – several stories in size that looks like a patient and/or staff lounge. It is built like a large atrium with multiple floors that are below ground level.


Views from a room in the Nuclear Medicine Ward.