August 2016 Interview on Theranostics for Prostate 

Speaking at the 12th WARMT ICRT in Vienna

Over 500 medical professionals attended the 2nd World Congress on Ga68 and Radiotherapy that was held in Chandigarh India, February 28 - March 2, 2013.  Over the course of 3 days over 100 presentations and posters were presented reflecting the current usage of Ga68 and PRRT around the world as well as new and exciting development that have taken place since the 1st world congress in 2011.  The abstracts for this conference as well as for the 22nd Singapore Nuclear Review are available

At the 2nd Theranostics World Congress there was progress towards the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer using a Theranostics approach. At the 3rd Theranostics World Congress that progress continued from the bench and to the bedside.

This video is an overview of the treatment and management of metastatic prostate cancer using a Theranostic Approach.

While we were in Chandigarh, India for the 2nd World Congress on Ga68 we were abole to film the following press conference with Professors Baum, Shultz and Singh about the importance of the Congress. Please make sure to click the read more button to see all 3 talks.