It is customary for Dr. Baum to meet with the patient at the time of discharge. At that time Dr. Baum discusses the initial observations on the effects of the PRLT and talks about next steps. This meeting usually includes a review of a preliminary report on the treatment that is provided to the patient, review of selected photo images made from the 68-Gallium-PSMA scan and a CD with all images from the 68-Gallium-PSMA scan.

Dr. Baum outlines the next steps for the patient in terms of blood lab work to be scheduled when the patient returns home and any coordination that should take place between Dr. Baum and a patient's oncologist or Prostate Specialist.

Also covered is an expected date for returning to Bad Berka for restaging which consists of repeating the 68-Ga-PSMA PET/CT scan as well as the renal evaluations. This restaging is done to determine if more radioisotope therapy is needed.